Real World / Fake Data

RWFD helps you create real-world dashboards based on fake data so you can share and learn


Real World / Fake Data is a community project to create real-world dashboards based on fake data that you can share on Tableau Public, or use any tool of your choosing.

Build your portfolio of real business examples, and help build a collection of amazing business dashboards on Tableau Public!

Share your work on Tableau Public and/or social media using the hashtag #RWFD, and don’t forget to tag @jaxx084 and @markbradbourne on Twitter! You can also join the Twitter community to ask any questions or talk about the data sets.

Check out examples of previous submissions:

Season 2

SessionData Sets
1Human Resources Attrition
3Citizen Service Requests

Season 1

SessionData Sets
1Human Resources
2Financial Consumer Complaints
3Insurance Policies
4Call Center
5Help Desk
6Social Media Marketing
7Hospital Emergency Room
8Retail Transactions
9Supply Chain (Manufacturing)
10Higher Education
11Solar Energy